-lowering the water level

-dismantling the pool accessories (light, return, springboard, ramp etc.)

-blowing alls skimmers and water return lines (including fountains, filtration systems, sliding etc.)

-blowing antifreeze in the lines and system (additional safety)

-dismantling the filtration system (water heaters, chlorinators, pumps, filters etc.)

-Installation of a leaf net if necessary.

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At the end of the season, it is important to winterize the pool as it should because breakage can occur due to frost.Whether the swimming pool, the filtration system, the water heater or only the skimmer, the breakage can be expensive to repair. To avoid this risky countertime closure, we can do it for you without any problem. You only have to leave us an email and you will receive an answer shortly for the appointment for your pool closure.